Miss Universe Singapore 2014

miss universe singapore 2014

Runway tips and event photography

The team and I had the opportunity to provide some coverage for Miss Universe Singapore 2014. 

This was not the first time we had to cover an event, but it was the first time we had to cover an event such as this. We did alot of pre-planning and anticipation on our end but it still wasn’t enough. 

One area that I thought we could do better was to have a better understanding on the event itinerary and to know where most of the action is going to be relative to the stage. 

Here are some tips that i have collated that might help you in future.

Tip .1 Get in position

The best is usually at the center of the runway while staying around twenty feet from the runway. However, every show comes with a different runway. A little scouting will definitely get you a vantage point.

Do note that there will be other photogs from other media that would also be vying for the same spot as you, so it might be good to come early and just check out the place.

Tip .2 Have a feel for the lighting

Every event space is different; the same goes for the lighting conditions. Some will have lights too bright while others will be dim. This calls for you to know your light settings and be ready to adjust them accordingly. For dimly lit areas, using flash will do

Additionally, check your white balance since you may need to change to either tungsten or indoor settings. Also, get ready o take some test shots to ensure you are doing it right. Just don’t focus too much on settings and miss the action.

Tip .3 Shoot in burst mode

Ensure you set your camera’s shutter speed is high enough to capture the constant movement. Short bursts will also give you a chance to capture good garment flow as displayed by the models. Additionally, this will provide an opportunity to capture guys at the front without capturing blinking eyes. You will also find that there will always be an outstanding photo in one burst and therefore this will make sorting of the photos an easy task.

Tip .4 Shoot in manual mode

This is advisable mainly because you will have to work with the lighting that is provided. Your camera’s auto modes will then have to face a big challenge of balancing the light without affecting the quality of the photos, especially when changing between different scenes. Consistency is, therefore, one of the major reasons why manual shooting is encouraged. In cases where the lighting of the show remains very poor, you might then have to push the ISO so you can have good photos. Keep in mind that sometimes you might be using long exposures. This paired with high ISO leads to noisy pictures.

Tip .5 Follow The Beat And Shoot Strategically

The goal is to capture the model as they’re in mid-movement, with his or her legs crossed or one foot off the floor. Every model has their own walking “style,” but most naturally walk to the pace of the music. Fire your shots in small bursts as the model lifts their foot off the floor, all while following the downbeat of the music.

Final bonus tips

As with most event coverage, extensive knowledge of the event itself really will work in your favour. Knowing the itinerary to know what event happens in sequence is good to anticipate where you should be.

Knowing the contestants and/or the judges for this specific event in question could determine who gets more airtime in being in-front of your camera. Do your homework leading up to the event and try to introduce yourself and break the ice during the rehearsals. You can then give them further instructions to look for you and face directly at your camera for instance.